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    The Stonecutters are a 1,500 year old secret organization who, since ancient times, have split the rocks of ignorance that obscure the light of knowledge and truth. We are their Half Life community, based around one of the oldest servers on the net - The Stonecutter's Lodge - online since November of 1998.

Latest News

    27 Oct 2007

    The server has been upgraded to a dual Opteron 250, lag is non-existent! Enjoy!

    03 Oct 2007

    We have upgraded to Team Fortress 2, after waiting a MERE 9 years for its release.

    26 Sep 2005

    The server has been switched over to Day Of Defeat:Source. It's about friggen time it came out, Counter-Strike popularity had waned to an unbelievably low level.

    19 Nov 2004

    The server has been switched over to Counter-Strike:Source. That didn't take long. :)

    13 Nov 2004

    The server has been switched over to Counter-Strike at least temporarily due to the lack of DoD players over the last couple of weeks, and the fact that the primary backstabber about DoD has gone away. We anxiously awake HL2 to see where the server will go in the near future!

    18 Jan 2004

    The server has been switched over to Day of Defeat due to popular request of the regulars. Voice your opinion of this on the forums. This isn't the first time we switched mods, we started out with straight halflife, moved to TFC, then moved to Counter-Strike before switching to Day of Defeat. I hadn't played DoD in a couple of years, it's come a long way. Counter-Strike, over the past couple of releases, has turned into the automagic headshot mod.

    18 Nov 2003

    Server has been updated thanks to the persistance and assistance from Hitman-Taz and Mr. Ozone. Thanks guys!

    11 Oct 2003

    New Server! I've relocated the server to another machine I admin, it's a 2.2Ghz Compaq with 1.25GB of RAM, a nice boost from our older 933mhz/512MB machine.

    If you connect via, the DNS has been changed. If you connect by IP, the new one is!

    17 Sep 2003

    The server is back up and running with CS 1.6 installed. AMX is also running, stats should reset but should work. Admins need to get their STEAM_ID to AtomicPunk.

    17 May 2003

    The Stonecutter Team won their first OGL match today against Beta 1, 26-19 on de_dust2. Congrats guys!

    05 May 2003

    Cheating-Death has been installed. Please install it and use it from now on. We might be making it required soon. Even if we don't, you're a lot less likely to be accused of hacking with it installed, and your name will appear correctly. :)

    30 April 2003

    The web site was down all afternoon as I upgraded the server to RedHat 9.0, which broke the Apache config. All fixed.

    26 April 2003

    New Forums! Follow the link at the top and you'll find our new forums have replaced that ezboard pile of shit. Spread the word.

    24 April 2003

    Interested in a Stonecutter's T-shirt? Let us know you're interested and share your ideas in the forums.

    12 April 2003

    New website launch. We're still working on it, but it beats the crap out of the piece of shit we've had for 4.5 years.

    16 March 2003

    StC is now recruiting for League Play.

    If you want a shot give me (Jaz) an email with your:
    Availibility (be specific)
    You must be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm PST - 9pm PST.

    Make a unique subject that has StC in them so i dont throw them

    FYI the Currect StC members are more of friends than a clan. We plan on recruiting people that are alot better than us. :)
    we are also looking for 10 - 15 people who want to be loyal.